Send to Working Paper Index

MyWorkpapers gives you the ability to send multiple supporting documents that have been uploaded by the Administrator in A1 Administrator Queries to the Working Paper Index.

  1. When the Administrator has responded to any queries and uploaded more than one supporting document, the Bulk Send to WPI button will appear;
  2. Select which supporting documents you wish to send to the Working Paper Index;
  3. Alternatively all files can be selected;
  4. Select Bulk Send to WPI;
  5. Choose which folder in the Working Paper Index you wish to send the supporting documents to:
  6. Select Send to WPI;
  7. If a document has already been appended to WPI, and all documents are ticked and 'Bulk Sent to WPI' is selected, these files will not be overwritten. If documents have already been appended to WPI the Bulk Send to WPI button will be removed and the WPI reference will be stated.


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