Creating your firm Tickmarks

In addition to the standard Tickmarks provide, you can also create Tickmarks for your firm through the firm settings:

To create your own firm Tickmarks, simply:

  1. Navigate to the firm settings from your toolbar;

  2. Select the Tickmarks menu to expand the details;

  3. At the bottom of the Tickmarks menu you will see the option to add new Tickmarks;

  4. First, select the symbol for your Tickmark;

  5. Provide your Tickmark with a description;

  6. Select the files you want the Tickmark to be available for use;

  7. Then select the Add new Tickmark button;

  8. Once added, you can update the colour of the Tickmark, as well as disable or remove it. Hover over the Tickmark to reveal the Colours, Disable and Remove buttons.


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