Updating client details

Once you have created a client, you can return to the client list at any time to update the details of a client or to add more comprehensive details as they become available. Please note, you may only change the name of client once. 

Manual update 

To update the details of a client, simply: 

1.Access the Client list; 

2.Click on the client name you want to access; 

3.Select the details tab which you want to update, being either; 

  • Contact Details; 
  • Business Details; 
  • Defaults; or 
  • Custom Field 

4. Update the client details by entering the information in the fields provided. 


blobid0.pngTips and tricks: The files information tab lists all files created for the client. You can access any of these files by clicking on the hyperlink provided. 


blobid1.pngNote: You can also update the client details through the My Files module. 


SMSF imported clients (Australia only) 

For clients linked to Class, BGL SimpleFund 360 and SuperMate via the Import Clients function, you can quickly and easily update client details via our integration. 

Click here to watch a short video on how import and update clients linked to Class, BGL SimpleFund 360 and SuperMate, otherwise please follow the instructions above on how to manually update client details in MyWorkpapers. 


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