Sign-off and completion

Once a program, checklist or other document has been prepared, reviewed or completed there are functions available, as noted in the Completion Statistics chapter of this manual, to allow you to sign-off on the workpapers in the file.

At the top of every program, checklist or other MyWorkpapers workpaper you will see a sign-off box which includes a checkbox for:

  • Prepared by;
  • Updated by;
  • First Review;
  • Second Review;
  • Completed.


Details of what each of these standard sign-offs are used for is detailed below. For information of editing these sign-off roles see our help centre article here:



Once a box is ticked, the name of the staff member and the date the box was ticked will appear, providing you with full accountability of work completed.

As noted in previous chapters, the completed box is important in utilising MyWorkpaper's completion statistics functions, as well as marking workpapers as read only to avoid any version control issues or unauthorised changes after the Manager or Partner review.


Updating Sign-Off Date

An anytime, you can update the sign-off date by hovering over the date until it turns into a hyperlink. Please note, that you will need to have the permission 'edit review and sign-off dates' enabled through the roles and permissions or on the engagement team permissions to complete this task.


Mark all Workpapers as Complete in the Working Paper Index

To mark all workpapers as complete, simply hover over a folder until the tick box appears. Then simply tick the box to mark all workpapers in the folder as complete.



Once ticked, the folder will be marked as 100% complete and the status of each document will be set to Finalised.



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