Completing Steps, Sections and Tasks

Once you have created the Workflow Diagram, your audit team is then ready to use it as their step-by-step guide to completing the audit. Each Task can be marked as completed and referenced to where the work has been completed, providing the reviewer with an easy to follow trail of the procedures completed.

Signing off a Task
  1. Open the Workflow Diagram and the appropriate Step and locate the Task you wish to complete;

  2. Check the tick box under the completed column against the appropriate Task;

  3. The auditors name and the date completed will appear to indicate the completion of the Task.


Referencing a Task
  1. Open the Workflow Diagram and the appropriate Step;

  2. Hover over the Reference column of the task you wish to reference until the Pen icon appears;

  3. Click on the Pen icon under the Reference column;

  4. Type the reference number or the name of the workpaper and choose the reference from the active menu display;

  5. Your Task is now referenced and fully hyperlinked.



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