Adding headings

There will be times when you wish to add new headings into your program or checklist and then add procedures under the heading or change the existing headings to better suit your firm's requirements. This provides you with greater flexibility in customising programs and checklists and aids in dividing the workpaper into manageable sections for the engagement team. To add a new heading, simply:

  1. Ensure you are in Edit Mode in the selected program or checklist;

  2. Identify the section you want to add the heading to;

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the section to the Editing function bar;

  4. Click the Add Heading button;

  5. The New Heading box will appear;

  6. Enter the name of each column header, separated by a comma, for example;

    The name of each column will appear just above the New Heading box as you type, ensuring you know which column you are adding the header to.

    If you wish for a column header to be blank, simply enter a space in between commas, for example, if you do not want to display the assertion heading;

  7. If you want to change the order of where the procedure is located, please refer to the topic below.


NOTE: Programs have six columns requiring headings, whereas checklists only have five columns.

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