Editing supporting documents on your local computer

If you want to edit a previously uploaded document, it must first be downloaded to your local drive and edited there using the above download procedures.

Once you have finished editing the document on your local drive you will need to re-upload the document using the above procedures.

Before you re-upload the document, we suggest deleting the existing copy in MyWorkpapers to avoid any version control issues.

To summarise, the recommended procedures to edit a previously uploaded supporting document are:

  1. Download the supporting document to your local drive;

  2. Once the download has been confirmed as successful, delete the version of the document in Myworkpapers - this will prevent someone else downloading the document whilst you are editing it, therefore minimising version control risk;

  3. Edit the document on your local drive;

  4. Re-upload the document, ensuring you use the same reference number and name as previously used.

TIP: When ready to re-upload the edited supporting document, delete the copy on MyWorkpapers first, to avoid deleting the wrong copy.

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