Creating and editing custom fields for your clients

Within your client list you can also create your own custom fields list that you can search by.



Creating a Custom Field

To create a Custom Field, simply:

  1. Access the Client list;

  2. Select the blue Edit Custom Fields button on the top right hand side of the screen;


  3. In the pop-up screen, type in the name of your custom field;

  4. Then select the Add Custom Field button;

  5. Each of your files will now contain this custom field.

To complete the custom field data for each of your clients, simply:

  1. Open up the client details of your selected client by clicking on the hyperlink on their name;

  2. Navigate to the Custom Fields tab;

  3. Complete the Custom Field as required;

Searching by Custom Fields

To search by the Custom Field, simply:

  1. Select the Filter by custom field button in the Select Filters menu;


  2. Type in the value that you want to search for and select the Update Search Filter button;


  3. The results will then appear.

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