Version control

Version control can be an issue with any workpaper solution and on any file. To help avoid any potential version control issues with supporting documents uploaded into MyWorkpapers, we recommend the following procedures be followed:

  1. On your local drive create two folders, one named "Uploaded" and the other named "Downloaded" - we suggest creating these folders for each client;

  2. Create and edit supporting documents (excel, word, and PDF documents) on your local drive and store these in the "Downloaded" folder;

  3. Once satisfied with the work completed, upload the supporting document into MyWorkpapers by dragging and dropping the file;

  4. Once uploaded, transfer the uploaded supporting document from "Downloaded" to "Uploaded".


When you have finalised your engagement, your "Downloaded" folder should be empty, indicating that all supporting documents which have been prepared or edited have been uploaded.

The "Uploaded" folder should then be retained until sign-off to ensure that if there are any accidental deletions of supporting documents from the Working Paper Index then they can be easily restored.

An illustration of the suggested version control measures is shown below.


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