Client Logins

Creating Client Logins allows the auditor, external examiner or administrator to provide access for client staff or trustees to access the Client Portal and respond to queries. Client Logins can be set for use with Audit (AU), Review (AU), Trust Account templates and Year End | SMSF files. Note the Client Login tab will not appear for Audit| SMSF file types. For more information for SMSF Auditors wishing to create SMSF Administrator logins please see here.

  1. Access the Client Login tab by setting the Client Type in the Business tab;

  2. Select Create New User to create client user access to any files create for this client;


  3. Enter new user details to create new user. The username should be unique as it will be used as to login;

  4. Alternatively, if a user has already been created and assigned to another client, you can select the existing user from the Select from Existing Users list. This will enable a user to login and access any file they have been assigned to. This could be used for when you have set up different files for the one entity;

  5. Once a Client User has been created you can choose which user to set as default to receive the notification from the Client Portal in a file. This can be changed on each file before each notification is set.

Alternatively you can create Client Users via the User Access module here


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