Receiving Notifications to your Firm Contact

Creating Your Firm Contact

Rather than receiving an email notification to a specific engagement team member the firm may choose to receive notifications to a group or generic email address.

A role for this group contact must be firstly created for this contact. To create a Firm Contact role:

  1. Access Roles and Permissions via the Dashboard dropdown menu;

  2. Select Manage User Roles;

  3. Create a new role;

  4. The new role will be created with no permissions.


A group email contact must be secondly created as a staff member. To create a new staff member:


  1. Access the Staff List via the Dashboard dropdown menu;   
  2. Select Create New Staff;

  3. Enter the required information in the boxes provided;

4. Ensure the check boxes Activate Account is ticked and Email Account Details to Staff is  unticked, as appropriate;

5. Select Create New Staff.


Receiving Notifications to Your Firm Contact

  1.  When you have created a new Client Query you can let your client know  queries are available for their response. Scroll to the bottom of the  workpaper and select the Notify Client button;

    2. When the Notify Client button is selected select the Auditor Notification;
(a) This column asks you to select which auditor in your firm you wish the  notification from the client to be sent to.

(b) The first name(s) are members on the engagement team.

(c) Select your Firm Contact.

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