Unlinking Or Resetting The IRIS Accounts Production Integration

There may be times when you need to unlink a client in IRIS Accounts Production from a MyWorkpapers client. For example, there may have been an error with an import, you may have linked to the wrong client, or you are receiving the "No adjustments have been found" error message when trying to export from IRIS to MyWorkpapers.

The below guides you through the process of resetting the trial balance export from IRIS Accounts Production to MyWorkpapers.

Essentially, this will remove IRIS' memory of the link between the two clients, meaning that IRIS will assume no figures have been sent to MyWorkpapers.

Note: This will mean for the first export from IRIS after the reset, all figures in the posting will be treated as "Initial" figures in MyWorkpapers, even if they are adjustments, so if you have adjustments you may want to re-post them after the first export.


Backup Your Data

Before completing any of the below, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have a backup of any figures that are not stored elsewhere. For example, if you are deleting the MyWorkpapers trial balance, and resetting the integration, you will need to ensure you have a copy of all of the figures already in your IRIS Accounts Production.

The steps to create backups of your figures in IRIS Accounts Production and MyWorkpapers are listed below.

Backup Your IRIS Accounts Production Figures (Optional)

Open IRIS Accounts Production and access the appropriate client.

Create an Extract of your client by selecting Client | Extract | Save to a safe location


Backup Your MyWorkpapers Figures (Optional)

Backup Your MyWorkpapers Trial Balance

Backup Your MyWorkpapers Journal Entries



MyWorkpapers Journal Entries

If you have journal entries in MyWorkpapers (Either imported from IRIS, or originally created in MyWorkpapers) that you would like to keep, you will need to follow the below steps.


Set Your MyWorkpapers Adjustments To Unadjusted

Open your MyWorkpapers file and select Journal Entries. This will display all journal entries imported from IRIS Accounts Production as well as those those originally created in MyWorkpapers.

Find any journals created in MyWorkpapers and amend the type of adjustment to be the blank option as seen below. 



Import The Changes Into IRIS Accounts Production

Open IRIS Accounts Production and click on Posting to access the posting screen

Select Yes to import the changes from MyWorkpapers. All MyWorkpapers journal adjustments will now cancel in IRIS Account Production

Exit from the posting screen


Delete Your MyWorkpapers Journal Entries Imported From IRIS

Return to Journal Entries menu in MyWorkpapers

Select the File | Edit mode

Find any journals imported from IRIS Accounts Production and press Delete

NOTE: Do not delete any journal entries which were originally created in MyWorkpapers. Only delete the journals imported from IRIS Accounts Production.


Reset The MyWorkpapers Trial Balance Export In IRIS

Return to IRIS Accounts Production and select Posting | Post file Maintenance | Entries

Select the posting file which you would like to reset the integration for

In the Change Posting Entry screen, tick Reset Trial Balance Export to MyWorkpapers


Press OK and now the integration has been reset for this posting.


Re-Exporting Your Figures

Export Your IRIS Posting To The MyWorkpapers Trial Balance

Re-export your trial balance to MyWorkpapers as you would normally by pressing the Export to MyWorkpapers button


Import Your MyWorkpapers Journal Entries Back Into IRIS Accounts Production

If you have journals originally created on MyWorkpapers, return to the Journal Entries menu in MyWorkpapers and set the 'type' of any MyWorkpapers journals back to their original adjusted state



After setting all of your journals back to adjusted, please follow this guide to import the adjustments back into IRIS Accounts production.



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