General Audit and Review Content Packs

Welcome to the new General Audit and Review 2.0 Content Packs!

Audit and Review users in Australia and internationally can now access our new content packs.

Our new content packs are now available are:

  • General Audit (Australia) 2.1
  • General Review (Australia) 2.1
  • General Audit (International) 2.1
  • General Review (International) 2.1

It is important to note that the original content packs have been discontinued and won't be available to use to create new files but you can complete your existing files using the old template.

For information and recommendations on transitioning to the new content pack please see the following articles:

  1. Rolling Forward to 2.0
  2. Using the General Audit and Review Content Packs
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    Rob Cooper

    It would be nice if files already in progress kept the previous functionality even though the content packs are no longer available. With the update, we are no longer able to create new lead sheets without adopting the accounting structures. However doing so removes all the existing mapping in the file.

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