12/2017 - AU + Int - General Audit and Review 2.0

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the release of our long-awaited General Audit and Review 2.0 content packs. These content packs utilise our latest dynamic workpapers and updated content to enhance efficiencies. Updates include: 

  • Materiality, Analytical Review, Ratio and Risk Assessment workpapers that generate from the trial balance import.
  • Question format workpapers that assist in more streamlined work and decision makings.
  • Internal Control Deficiency Summary workpaper that easily summaries any internal control weaknesses identified during the audit.
  • Customiser to efficiently show and hide relevant procedures.

Updated General Audit and Review content packs include:

  • General Audit (Aus) 2.0
  • General Review (Aus) 2.0
  • General Audit (Int) 2.0
  • General Review (Int) 2.0

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