Customiser - Audit and Review 2.0

  1. The Customiser for the Audit and Review 2.0 templates is located either;
    1. By accessing it from the Working Paper Index; or
    2. By accessing it from within A1, A2, B1 and B2; or
    3. The File dropdown menu; or
    4. The popup question after selecting the chain link symbol;
  2. The Customiser for the Audit and Review 2.0 template has a 'no' default response and only displays standard sections initially. Select a 'yes' response, or text responses to activate applicable sections;

  3. When you are finished answering the customising questions select Close;

  4. The Audit and Review 2.0 templates contains a Planning section and Completion section within the Customiser. At the completion of the audit revisit the Customiser and answer the questions in the Completion tab;

  5. The responses to the Customiser can be revised at any time during the engagement and the program will update. Simply revisit the Customiser to make any changes;

  6. The chain link symbol indicates where a program is being displayed and could be removed by the Customiser;
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