Report Pack

SMSF users can now achieve additional time savings and increased efficiencies with the ability to import selected Reports directly from Class Super and Simplefund 360.


  • The four Reports that are available from Simplefund 360 are currently all that BGL allows us to access.
  • We are continually adding to the available Reports from Class Super.
  • On users can only use the Report Pack you have full access to funds in Class. See here for more information.

Accessing the Report Pack

  1. To activate the Report Pack button first import a trial balance from Class Super or Simplefund 360 into the file;

  2. Select Report Pack button;

  3. All available Reports will be displayed;


Send to WPI

Individually Send to WPI

  1. Select which Report you wish to send to the Working Paper Index and select Send to WPI;
  2. Select the Folder, the Form Reference and the Form Title you wish the Report to be referenced as;

Bulk Send to WPI

  1. Alternatively two or more or all Reports can be selected;
  2. Select Bulk Send to WPI;
  3. Choose which folder in the Working Paper Index you wish to send the Report to and select Send to WPI;

  4. Reports that have been sent to the Working Paper Index are now available for download in the Report Pack folder or from the Working Paper Index. The date the Report was referenced to the file will also display;

Refresh Reports

  1. If there have been changes made to the figures in the file you can Refresh the Reports. This will Refresh the list of Reports in the Report Pack area but won't change any Reports already sent to the Working Paper Index;
  2. As the Refresh doesn't change any Reports already sent to the Working Paper Index these reports will have to be manually edited in the file;


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