A6 Completion Risk Assessment

Accessing Completion Risk Assessment

The Completion Risk Assessment is based upon work performed in the Preliminary Risk Assessment therefore please ensure you have completed the Preliminary Risk Assessment workpaper before working on the Completion Risk Assessment. 

Once you have opened the Completion Risk Assessment you will find that trial balance, risks, and audit area items from in Preliminary Risk Assessment have flowed through. These cannot be edited from the Completion Risk assessment and you must go back to the Preliminary Risk Assessment to edit these items. 

Note the functionality bar at the top has some of the same options as Preliminary Risk Assessment. 

For more instructions on Preliminary Risk Assessment click here.

Completing Completion Risk Assessment

The last four columns allow you to document

  • Work completed 
  • Reference workpapers relevant to each risk
  • Conclusions made
  • Items requiring reporting to management or TCWG (Those Charged with Governance) 

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