Trial Balance Import (CSV) - BGL Desktop and Reckon


  1. Open the Trial Balance in your file and Select Import Trial Balance;
  2. Select Custom CSV as your import source;
  3. Download and open either the Reckon template or the BGL Desktop template;

    (The format the trial balance exports in from BGL Desktop and Reckon requires editing before it can be uploaded. We have provided templates for you to use to quickly manipulate the data into an appropriate format before uploading the trial balance.) 
  4. Copy and paste the raw trial balance exported in excel directly from Recon or BGL Desktop into the second sheet of the template;

  5. Open the third sheet of the template - "MyWorkpapers TB Import";

  6. Save this as a CSV (Comma Delimited) file to your local computer;

  7. In the MyWorkpapers application select this file from your local computer by clicking on the Choose File button;
    Once the file has been saved and selected please see our instructions here on the Trial Balance Import Wizard.

  8. One your trial balance is imported it will look similar to the below picture:

  9. To map the trial balance please select ToolsMap accounting structure (industry templates)
  • If you are BGL desktop select; BGL>BGL CSV
  • If you are Reckon select; Reckon>Reckon CSV


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