Downloading supporting documents

If you want to view and edit a copy of a supporting document on your local computer, you are able to download a copy using the following instructions. However, it is strongly recommended that if you want to edit a document that you use the check out functionality in MyWorkpapers instead.

The below procedures only describe how to download a supporting document through the Working Paper Index, but can be applied to any of the areas noted above where you can view the supporting documents.


1. For the document you want to edit, click on the Download icon on the supporting document

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2. On the pop up screen select Just download

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3. When prompted, select Save File and click OK to download the file to your local computer

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  1. A copy of the file will be downloaded to your computer
  2. If you make any changes to the document on your local computer, you will need to re-upload the document for the changes to be saved in MyWorkpapers.

WARNING: As the document has not been checked out, others in the team are able to download or checkout the document at the same time, potentially causing multiple versions of the same document. It is recommended that you use the MyWorkpapers Checkout feature if you wish to edit the document on your local computer.


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