Microsoft Office Online FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions when using Office Online from MyWorkpapers. 

If you need more information on editing documents in Office Online, please visit the MyWorkpapers Office Online help page or visit the Microsoft Office Online help centre


What file types can I edit with the Office Online integration?

  • .docx
  • .xlsx (<5MB)


Why can't I edit .doc and .xls files with Office Online?

Office Online does not support editing of .doc and .xls file formats, but you are still able to view these file formats by pressing the Open in Office Online option in MyWorkpapers.

To edit these file formats you either need to download the file to you local computer, edit the file using Office 2021 desktop and re-upload it, or convert the files to a .docx or .xlsx format and edit the documents using Office Online. 

To convert a file to a .xlsx of .docx format, when in Office Online click: 

  1. Edit in Browser
  2. Then  Convert and the file with be automatically converted and saved to the WPI for you. 


Why doesn't the Office Online preview work for .xls files?

Office Online does not support the preview of .xls file formats. To preview the file using Office Online,  convert the file to a .xlsx format and re-upload it to the Working Paper Index. 


Do I need a special license to edit my supporting documents in Office Online?

You will need an active Microsoft Office 365 Subscription or equivalent license that allows editing in Office Online.


How do I purchase an Office 365 subscription?

Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions can be purchased from Microsoft here


What's the difference between Office 365 and Office 2016?

To learn the difference between Office 365 and Office 2021, please visit read the Microsoft Support Centre article here.  


When is my document saved?

Office Online auto-saves your content back to MyWorkpapers at regular intervals. Clicking File | Exit from inside the Office Online document will also ensure that your file is saved after you return to MyWorkpapers.


Where is my document saved?

All of your Word and Excel documents continue to be saved on the secure MyWorkpapers servers.

However, when using Office Online, Word and Excel documents are sent to Microsoft via HTTPS and are temporarily stored on their servers.

With the exception of any view caches, the Word and Excel documents are only stored on the Office Online servers whilst you are viewing or editing the document in Office Online. Once you have finished viewing or editing a document in Office Online, the file is saved back to MyWorkpapers and removed from the temporary storage on the Microsoft servers. 


Does the Office Online integration support real-time collaboration?

Yes. The integration allows you to simultaneously edit files saved in the Working Paper Index.

Learn more about co-authoring Office Online documents.



Can I edit password protected Microsoft Office files in Office Online?

No, you can't open or edit password protected Microsoft Office files using Office Online.



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