03/2018 AU and UK - QBO and General Items

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that new features and updates are available on our platform. 

QBO Integration

Imports your Trial Balance directly from QBO with a few clicks. Simply ensure your integration details are updated on your profile and the file year end dates match to be ready for import.

Click here to learn more about the QBO integration.

Read - only Users 

Firms can now add read-only users to their login who will only be able to view selected files. Handy for any reviews, client insights and other such users. 

Click here to learn more about Read-only users. 

Additional Class Reports (AU Only)

Import more reports directly from Class into Myworkpapers via the report pack. The additional reports added are:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Statement of Financial Position
  3. Statement of Profit or Loss / Operating Statement.
  4. Tax Reconciliation
  5. Investment Summary
  6. Rental Statement
  7. Member Statement
  8. Realised Capital Gains
  9. Unrealised Capital Gains
  10. Investment Strategy Comparison 
  11. Summary Investment Income 
  12. Distribution Reconciliation Report 
  13. Detailed Investment Income 
  14. Investment Movement 
  15. Investment Performance 
  16. Investment Statement 
  17. Member Contributions 
  18. Pension Payments 

Click here to learn more about Report Pack. 

Other Additional Improvements

  • Improved User Access (was Staff List) Module
  • Allowed to bulk create 'Files not yet started'
  • Re-instated BGL XML Import option (AU Only)
  • Re-instated Class Original Client Import option (AU Only)
  • Ensured PDF Previewer works for PDFs uploaded by external users. 
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