IRIS Connector & MyWorkpapers – Setup and Use


IRIS Connector & MyWorkpapers – Setup and Use


With the introduction of the IRIS Connector, you can now export your trial balance to IRIS Accounts Production, this means that you can have a trial balance come into your MyWorkpapers client via Xero, Quickbooks etc and then export this into IRIS for purpose of producing/submitting the accounts.


This guide will show you how to accomplish this with several easy steps.


Step 1 - Entering the Practice Details

  1. From the Accounts Production tool bar select, Setup | Practice Options

    The Practice Options screen displays: 1.png
  2. Click MyWorkpapers (Please make sure you are logged in as the master user in IRIS Accounts Production to access this area)

    The MyWorkpapers Login Details screen appears as follows:2.png
  3. Complete the Practice URLfield (The Practice URL will be your firm user name or top piece of information you use to log into the MyWorkpapers application)
  4. Enter the User Key and Private Key. To find these keys please follow step no.5 - 7
  5. Within MyWorkpapers select the Profile icon
  6. Select Edit Profile | Integrations | Scroll down

    The screen displays as follows:

  7. Select the Enable Integration button

    The User Key and Private Key will be located on this page

    Note:The User Key and Practice Key can be copied and pasted directly into Accounts Production
  8. Click OK

Step 2 - Entering the Client Details

  1. From the Accounts Production tool bar select, Client | View
    The Business Client Maintenance screen appears as follows:
  2. Select the magnifying glass beside MyWorkpapers Company field

    The MyWorkpapers Client displays:7.png
  3. Select one of the following options:
    1. Link existing MyWorkpapers client if the client has already been set up within MyWorkpapers
    2. Create a new client in MyWorkpapers and link to this client if the client has NOT yet been set up within MyWorkpapers
    3. No link to MyWorkpapers client if no link is to be created between Accounts Production and MyWorkpapers

      Note: The following error message will appear if MyWorkpapers login details have not been entered or are not valid in the Practice Options  Please refer toStep 1 - Entering the Practice details8.png

  4. If,
    1. Link existing MyWorkpapers client option has been selected, highlight the relevant MyWorkpapers client from the list
    2. Create a new client in MyWorkpapers and link to this client follow no.5
  5. Click OK

    If the Create a new client in MyWorkpapers and link to this client option has been selected the following MyWorkpapers Client screen will display:

    Click OK

    The Business Client Maintenance screen displays as follows:
  6. ClickSave
  7. Click Close


Step 3 – Exporting the Trial Balance to IRIS

  1. Click on Posting | New
  2. Add/select relevant period end date (this will need to match the period end of the file in MyWorkpapers), add in a description if you need to and click OK

The Specify Posting Batch screen will display as follows:11.png

  1. Change the Document type to 14 for the Final TB (11 for Journals), under Activate import from select MyWorkpapers and click OK

The Import from MyWorkpapers screen will appears as follows:


  1. Select Annual trial balance, under Import Map you can choose the map most relevant to the source of the Trial Balance as this will allow IRIS to correctly re-code the entries. Once you’ve done this click OK


The second Import from MyWorkpapers screen will appear as follows:


  1. From this screen you’ll be able to check that all your entries are coded correctly and if need be you can amend these using the IRIS Account column. Once you’re happy to proceed click Import

The following screen will appear:


  1. Click OK
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