Moving From Audit (Aus) to Audit (Aus) 2.0 (EF17)

We have recently discontinued the Audit (Aus), Audit (Int), Review (Aus) and Review (Int) templates.

It will therefore be necessary to update to our new Audit (Aus) 2.0, Audit (Int) 2.0, Review (Int) 2.0 and Review (Aus) 2.0 versions. Please follow the steps in this video to facilitate this process.

From user experience, we have found the quickest method to be to start a new file and import the trial balance again.

The alternative to this involves re-referencing the Lead Schedule and deleting spare folders.

Please see our Help Centre article Roll-Forward from Audit (Aus) to Audit (Aus) 2.0 for the Lead Schedule references table.





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