When rolling forward files, there are a few things to consider in order to make this process as streamlined as possible. We have provided instructions for several different scenarios that may be applicable to your circumstances.


The Roll Forward Wizard:

To roll forward a file, select the File Menu, then Roll Forward File:


You will now be brought to our Roll Forward Three-Step Wizard. 

Step 1 of Roll-Forward Menu:

  • Enter and Select Prior Period Client Name
  • Select Prior Period File from drop-down (this will be selected by default)
  • Select template as the workpaper pack for the  file
  • Select the Audit Period Year End (this will be selected by default)
  • Select Next

 Step 2 of the Roll-Forward Menu:

  • only selecting from the following workpapers (or a combination of the below):
    • Permanent Files Folder and workpapers
    • RP1-6 Considerations for Next Year (remember to also select Roll-Forward Review Points Data checkbox)
    • Any client specific workpapers you wish to roll-forward (e.g. signed engagement letter or supporting documents)
    • Please note that it is not necessary to roll forward any lead schedule summaries or lead schedules, as these will be created by the Trial Balance import.
  • Select Next.

Step 3 of the Roll-Forward Menu:

  • Select all remaining folders and associated workpapers
  • Select Import Workpapers


Your file should now have rolled forward successfully.




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