Roll-forward B8 Trust Deed and Governing Rules Review from SMSF 5.0 File into SMSF 5.0 File

MyWorkpapers has released an update to the SMSF Audit Roll-forward functionality which will allow users to Roll-forward workpaper B8 - Trust Deed and Governing Rules Review.

Please note at this stage you can only roll forward into another SMSF 5.0 file. This functionality will soon be available to roll forward into a new SMSF 5.1 file.

When rolling forward an existing SMSF 5.0 file, you are now able to roll forward workpaper B8 - Trust Deed and Governing Rules Review by disconnecting it from the Customiser.

To do this, simply follow the below Roll-forward process:

  1. Select Roll-forward File from the My Files menu
  2. Find your client's previous file that you wish to roll forward. Confirm the details are correct and hit Next.
  3. In Step 2 of the Roll-forward process, untick the Roll Forward Customiser checkbox. 
  4. Tick the Roll-forward Trust Deed and Governing Rules Review Checkbox
  5. Ensure that workpaper B8 is selected from the Workpaper List. This is necessary for this workpaper to be rolled forward.
  6. Select the other files you wish to roll forward from the Workpaper List. For more information on which files to roll forward, click here
  7. Select Next
  8. In Step 3, select the remaining workpapers from the Workpaper Pack template that you wish to be included in your file. We recommend selecting all files in this step.
  9. Select Next, and your new file should be created for the new period, including the Trust Deed and Governing Rules Review.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact our support team.

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