Importing Trial Balance - Simplefund 360


Once you have rolled forward your file, you will need to import your trial balance into the new file. 

Trial Balance import with Class, SimpleFund 360, or SuperMate:  

To import your current year's Trial Balance from Class, SimpleFund 360, or Supermate:

Step 1 - Choose your Import Source and Login

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the Fund you want to update the Trial Balance for;

  2. Click on Trial Balance | Import Trial Balance;

  3. Select your import source;
  4. Click the Establish Connection button              mceclip0.png
  5. On the Import screen, enter your username and password;mceclip1.png
  6. Where applicable, you may be required to enter a security code for Multi-Factor Authentication as per the example below. Select Remember this device for 30 days to remember these details.      mceclip2.png
  7. Click Allow Accessmceclip3.png
  8. Click the Close buttonmceclip4.png
  9. Click the Select Fund button mceclip5.png
  10. On the Import from Fund screen, The Fund and check the financial period selected;        mceclip6.png       
  11. Once you've selected the import fund option you'll be met with the below message prompting you to being auditing. 

mceclip7.png12. Returning to the Trial Balance screen displays the accounts successfully importedmceclip8.png


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