Importing Trial Balance into Rolled Forward Files - Class Super, Simplefund 360 and SuperMate


Once you have has rolled forward your file, you will need to import your trial balance into the new file. 

Trial Balance import with Class, SimpleFund 360, or SuperMate:  

To import your current year Trial Balance from Class, SimpleFund 360 or Supermate:

Step 1 - Choose your Import Source and Login

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the Fund;

  2. Click on Trial Balance or Import Trial Balance;import_TB.png

  3. Select your import source;Select_Input_source.png
  4. On the Import screen, enter in your username and password. Please note that we have shown the Process here for Class Super, but this process is similar for each import partner type;                                                          

  5. Click Connect to securely connect.                                                Connect_to_Class.png


Step 2 - Import a Fund

  1. On the Connect fund screen, The Fund, business code, and brand code will be automatically selected; 


  2. Select Delete Existing Imported Data, and Override Existing Accounting Structure; 

  3. Click Re-import from this fund.


You should now have your previous and current year Trial balance imported into your file. 



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