03/2019 - Release Notes (v2.13)

Release v2.13 - March 2019

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that the following new features and updates are now available to you, v2.13 was released on March 30th, 2019.


  • Password Workflow Update
    • Improvements to password complexity, password reset and account recovery workflows have been made to ensure client security compliance


  • Control over Regional Settings
    • Regional Settings allows all MyWorkpapers users to select how they would like their date and currency formatted throughout their files


  • Improved API Integration with Class (specific to Australia only)
    • The improved integration with Class will see all account groups within Class imported correctly, and accurate mapping of the accounts within the clients' Working Paper Index (WPI)



  • User Experience & User Interface Upgrades
    • MyWorkpapers has made general improvements to the software including;

      • improved responsiveness, compliance and consistency of design across all devices

      • allows clients to access MyWorkpapers on the latest versions of their browsers

      • enables MyWorkpapers to make more efficient and continual improvements to the platform when dealing with bug fixes and updates


  • Edit Mode Updates
    • Major improvements have been made to the functionality of “Edit Mode” to provide better stability and improve the user experience when editing workpapers


  • Multi Factor Authentication Support for our Third Party Integrations (MFA)
    • MyWorkpapers now supports Multi Factor Authentication for our third party integrations (specifically Class, SimpleFund360 and Xero) to strengthen security within the software


Summary of Issues Addressed

Below is a summery of issues which have been addressed throughout the platform:

  • LiveDoc file creation fixes

  • Staff user creation updates
  • New Client creation updates

  • Trial Balance currency options update

  • Trial Balance import fixes

  • Rolling forward of office documents

  • Minor industry templates updates

  • Client notifications in Working Paper Index

  • Client portal - Notify Firm fixes

  • File status notifications fixes

  • Review points logging fixes

  • QBO integration updates

  • Supporting documents fixes

  • Converting old office documents fixes
  • Adding new Workpaper fixes

  • Restore deleted files fixes
  • Disclosure checklist fixes

  • Materiality Benchmark percentage fix

  • Trial Balance fixes

  • PDF preview improvements
  • Additional Activity Feeds

  • File status notifications fix

  • Terms and Conditions acceptance
  • Editable sign off fixes

  • Accounting structure improvements

  • Lead schedule restoration

  • Lead schedule summary fixes

  • Completion statistics
  • Completion and Archive fixes

  • Preliminary Analytical - Audit fixes


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