Creating a Monthly File

To create a monthly file, you must first have created a year-end file. If you do not know how to create a year-end file, please follow the link below on creating a new file.

Creating a new file


Once the year-end file has been created to create a monthly file complete the steps below:  


1. Click on My Files.



2. Search for your year-end file in the search filter and click on it to show the details of the file.



3. Within the file details on the right you will see a tab called Period Workpapers File which can be opened by clicking the expand arrow on the right.



4. To create a new monthly file - click the New Monthly File



5. Select the appropriate File Workpaper Pack, confirm the Year End File is the correct one, and finally select the Month which is required.

Note: The year end file will default to the client selected in step 2



  1. Accept the user agreement and click Create New File








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