04/2019 - Monthly files Release UK


MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that the following new monthly feature and updates are available on our platform. 

New Improvements 

  •  Addition of Monthly Tab within all year-end files


New feature

  • Ability to now create monthly files from year end accounts 
  • Ability to import monthly trial balances into monthly files
    • CSV import available
    • Xero imports available
  • Ability to import further fields into monthly files for easier overview e.g prior month/Year to date/Priori year/Prior period year to date
  • Ability to filter information in the trial balance/Profit and loss and Balance sheet has been added
  • Ability to copy working papers automatically from previous month upon creation of new months if needed

These updates are all live on our system now. For more information on these updates, please feel free to contact support or via our help articles on this feature. 

Known Issues

Zero figure trial balance items that have a prior year figure, will not display in profit & Loss/Balance sheet/Lead schedule for monthly files (This is a known issue which will have a patch release to fix shortly)

 * Period work paper file display incorrect dates for monthly files (This is only a display issue and will be fixed as part of a patch release shortly)

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