08/2019 - V2.17 Release Notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that the following improvements and updates are now available to you, v2.17 was released in August 2019.


  • Review points will now move to 100% always after resolved ticked
  • Improved warning messages when unticking sign-offs in the application
  • A warning message will now appear for all sign-offs if all procedures are not signed off in a working paper (Originally only available for completion sign off)

These updates are all live on our system now. For more information on these updates, please feel free to contact support or via our help articles on this feature. 

Summary of Issues Addressed

Below is a summary of issues which have been addressed throughout the platform:

  • Materiality working paper display $ currency symbol
  • Error message received when users are attempting to upload a supporting document in templates
  • PDF not showing current version in PDF window
  • BGL XML import error
  • Duplicate import pages showing with QBO importation
  • Edit mode not always saving content 
  • Office online date formating issue

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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