Troubleshooting: Password resets

  1. Not receiving password reset emails
  2. Password reset link in the email is inactive
  3. New password not accepted

If you have problems with resetting your password, this article explains some common scenarios and solutions.

Not receiving password reset emails

The password reset emails sent from MyWorkpapers will expire after fifteen minutes. If you are not receiving these emails within this time, it is possible that they are being delayed by security settings, such as junk or spam mail filters. 

If you are not receiving these emails, please arrange for the IP address of the MyWorkpapers email server to be 'white-listed'.  The IP address to apply this to is

Password reset link in the email is inactive

Some users of online versions of Microsoft outlook have reported that the link in the password reset email is not active.

To work around this issue, simply copy the link and paste it into your browser.


Note: Please be advised also that these emails have a limited life span once requested of 15 minutes and if not used before will also generate an error. If this happens then simply request a new forgotten password link.

New password not accepted

When choosing your new password, please be aware of the password criteria:

  • Your password must be at least 13 characters long
  • It must contain:
    • at least one uppercase letter
    • at least one lowercase letter
    • at least one number
    • at least one special character
  • ALL the below characters will be accepted
    "@", "+", "/", "\"", "!", "#", "$", "^", "?", ":", ".", "(", ")", "{", "}", "[", "]", "~", "-", "_"
  • Your new password and the password confirmation must match.



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