08/2019 - AU - Year-End 1.2 and SMSF Year-End 1.2

MyWorkpapers are pleased to announce an update to our Year-End Templates.

  • Year-End 1.2
  • SMSF Year-End 1.2 (Prior version was 1.0 and has been aligned with Year-End 1.2 versioning)

Year-End 1.2 Workpaper Pack

There have been a significant number of updates made across all areas of our Year-End template including new procedures on programmes and checklists and updates to workpaper templates. There is a new (B4) YearEnd checklist which can be sent to your clients to request information required for the YearEnd. All of the Excel workpapers have had a change to their presentation and the following new documents have also been included:

  • New Excel workpapers:
 Section  Reference  Name
 Income  C3  Interest Received
 Income  C4  Dividends Received
 Income  C5  Other Income
 Income  C8  Trust Distributions
 Expenses  D7  Repairs and Maintenance
 Expenses  D8  Service Fees
 Expenses  D11  Donations
 Expenses  D12  Fines and Penalties
 Expenses  D13  Legal Fees
 Expenses  D14  Superannuation
 Expenses  D15  Payments - Associated Persons
 Assets  F4  Debtors (Accounts Receivable) Reconciliation
 Assets  F5  Stock on Hand Reconciliation
 Assets  F6  Investments - Permanent Register
 Assets  F7  Other Assets - Permanent Register
 Liabilities  G4  Creditors (Accounts Payable) Reconciliation
 Liabilities  G5  Accruals
 Liabilities  G8  Annual Leave Provision
 Liabilities  G9  Long Service Leave Provision
  • Excel Workpapers Moved
 Section   Reference  Name
 Income  C6  Employee Contribution (From D2)
 Income  C7  Rental Property (From E6)
 Assets  F8  Division 7A Repayment (From E5)
 Liabilities  G7  Provision for Income Tax (From E3)


SMSF Year-End 1.2 Workpaper Pack

We have made a number of updates to the SMSF Year-End pack.

  • Index numbering updated for consistency with other templates
  • New procedures dealing with crypto-currency.
  • New section for GST
  • New B2 - SMSF Checklist (Word)
  • New Excel workpapers:
    • C2 - Interest Received
    • C3 - Dividends Received
    • C4 - Rental Property Summary
    • C5 - Trust Distributions
    • F1 - Bank reconciliation
    • F3 - Receivables (Debtors)
    • F4 - Investments - Permanent Register
    • GC - Payables (Creditors)
    • I2 - GST Reconciliation Worksheet
    • I3 - GST Adjustments worksheet
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