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Our PDF Annotations functionality will allow PDF documents uploaded to MyWorkpapers to better connect with other sections of the Engagement File. It can be accessed from within the Preview screen in all PDF documents in your engagement files.

This article will explain how to access PDF Edit, the editing options available, and how to save these references for further use in your files. 

Browser Support

Supported browsers for editing PDF documents include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari 

Editing PDF documents is not available if using Internet Explorer

Accessing the PDF Editor

Please ensure that you check the Roles and permissions to ensure you have sufficient permissions to Edit PDF Documents.

1. To access the PDF Editor, simply upload your PDF files via the usual methods of Dragging and Dropping into the Working Paper Index, or by sending to the Working Paper Index from another section of your file.

Once the document is uploaded, open the document from the Working Paper Index to access the PDF preview



Editing PDF Documents using the PDF Editor:


To Commence Editing your PDF document, Select the Edit button:




You can select the Edit options from the bar along the top of the page, and Choose from the following options:



1. Panel

The Panel provides the ability to add either References to other sections of the file, or Tick Marks as defined in our firm settings

2. Cursor

To select the Cursor tool

3. Zoom Options

To Zoom in or out on the document. This can be achieved with the + and - buttons as well as the drop-down menu.

4. Freehand tools menu


To Draw freehand on the document

5. Text Tools menu

To highlight and underline text.

6. Shape Tools menu

To draw shapes to highlight sections of the document, including arrows, lines, and rectangles.

7. Erase

To delete annotations that you no longer require

 8. Stamp

to load images to the document including signatures.

9. Callout

to add an arrow to the document connected to a text box.

10. Free Text 

to enter and edit text over the document. 

11. Search

Search the document

12. Save

Once Editing is completed. Select save to retain the changes to the PDF Document

13. Stop Editing

Once editing is completed, this will close the PDF Editor.

 14. Menu

The options menu for the document.



Finalising the PDF annotations.

To save the changes to the PDF document, select the Save button to save your changes.

Once completed, Close the PDF editor to complete the work.

 Please note that failing to save and close the PDF editor will cause changes to be lost.


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