02/2020 - UK - Mercia Charities 16.1

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the release of the following updates to the Mercia content.

Charities 16.1

This minor update reflects the publication of the Charity SORP 2019 (second edition) which was issued in October 2019. All references in the manual to the Charities SORP 2015 have either been deleted as appropriate or have been amended to the Charities SORP 2015 / 2019.  In addition, all references to Update Bulletins 1 and 2 have been removed as these are now included within the second edition of the SORP.   

 No technical amendments have been made as the previous edition of your manual (dated 06/19) incorporated the changes made via Update Bulletins 1 and 2, which have now been consolidated into the Charity SORP 2019.

Changes have been made to the guidance notes, engagement letters, proforma accounts and to the disclosure checklists.  


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