04/2020 - v2.23 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that new features and updates are available on our platform. 


  • Tickmarks on the Trial Balance. A new column has been made available on the Trial Balance which will enable the user to select the available tickmarks. The user will be able to add the tickmark against each individual account to assist with the completion and review process. These tickmarks will also be visible on any associated lead schedule.


  • PDF Annotations: The security of PDF annotations has been enhanced to control the level of editing that can be performed on PDF documents. These new rules are accessible within “Roles and Permissions” and are as follows:
    • View PDF Annotations,
    • Create, Edit or remove own annotations,
    • Create, Edit or remove all annotations.
  • The ability to search within a PDF document can now be performed. A search box exists in the top right-hand corner of the PDF.


  • Workpapers can now be copied between Periodic and YearEnd/Exempt files. See “Copying workpapers” for more information.
  • Client Name is now visible in the browser tab. To assist with being able to identify which file is being worked on the File Name and Year will appear in the browser tab alongside MyWorkpapers.


  • ZIP Exports: Workpapers that are “inactive” will no longer be included in the Zip Export.

  • [AU]: SMSF Administrators receiving email notifications will now contain a direct link to the file.

Issues resolved

  •  Resolved the issue with not being able to bulk select accounts within the Trial Balance.

  • Dragging emails from Outlook into MyWorkpapers on the Chrome browser will no longer remove the original email from outlook.

  • Where a supporting document is replaced, the original uploader will no longer be sent an email that their file has been overridden.

  • Where a checked-out file has been overridden and the user no longer exists, the firm contact will receive the email.

  • Resolved the issue with an extra blank page being included when printing workpapers to PDF.

  • The “Type” of file and “Filename” will now be included when printing to PDF.

  • “View All” button on the Review points sidebar has been restored.

  • “Supporting Documents” tab has been restored when viewed from within a workpaper file.

  • Prevent restricted characters from being used when setting the users password.

  • Where the user empties the recycle bin the message will no longer display “Review point added”

  • [UK]: Resolved the issue where “Read-only” users could not see the Audit Plan.

  • [UK]: Resolved the issue with the incorrect materiality amount appearing in the expected current year column.

  • [AU]: Where a Trial Balance import was imported from Class or Supermate the workpaper index will no longer be reset.



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