04/2020 - AU - Periodic Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Periodic Files: Coronavirus Checklists

The coronavirus has caused significant disruptions to the wider business community and our everyday lives. There is a significant amount of information available that is changing daily on how best to manage the situation.

To assist accounting practices with advising their clients on the various measures that should be considered, we have created a section within our Periodic files (Monthly and Quarterly) templates to aid in understanding some of the measures that are available to ensure you can have a record of working through these options with your clients.

When you create a Periodic File there is now a folder entitled "CV - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources" where you will find the following files:

  • CV1 - Coronavirus Business Continuity: A general checklist to assist your clients with some of the consideration and issues that may be relevant to the continuity of the business.
  • CV2 - Government Business Support Incentives: A checklist designed to summarise the various measures currently in place, and who is eligible. This checklist looks at both the Federal and State-based incentives that may be available to your clients.
  • CV3 - Boosting cashflow for employers calculator: A practical tool in the form of an excel calculator to help your client understand the various payments they may be entitled to through the Boosting cashflow incentive.


Please be aware that this information is constantly changing and you should always refer to the government information before providing any advice.

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