05/2020 - v2.24 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that new features and updates are available on our platform. 



  • Drag and Drop on Trial Balance: Account details are now preserved to provide a better visual indicator as to which account the supporting document will be associated with when performing a drag and drop on the Trial Balance. Note: If the changes are not immediately visible, please clear your Browser cache.

  • Reset Trial Balance values: An option to “Reset previously mapped values” has been added to imports for Xero and Quickbooks. This will retain the previously mapped accounts to their lead schedules but set all values to zero prior to the reimport.

  • PDF Improvements:

    • Signature  mceclip0.png

    • Default Stamps mceclip1.png
  • Office Online: CSV files can now be previewed in the browser.

  • Workflow Manager: An additional option has been added to filter by “Archived Date”.

  • Improvements to permissions in the area of Client and Administrator [AU] queries to ensure the integrity of completed workpapers.

  • Exporting to Zip: The “Supporting_documents” folder has been renamed to “Historical_documents” to better reflect the types of files stored in this location.

  • [AU]: SMSF Default Administrator: A default administrator can now be set for each client to assist with File creation.

Issues resolved

  •  Downloaded and Zipped PDFs will now include all of the annotations.

  • Users can now add the same team member to an engagement team on multiple files.

  • Duplicate accounts will no longer show in the Journal Entry selection for a customised accounting structure

  • Ensured the “Client Name” text will wrap in the Client Info section of the Working Paper Index.

  • Resolved an issue with customised lead schedules reverting to their original reference on roll forward

  • The Activity feed message will now show a message for deleted workpapers.

  • Fixed the issue with a trial balancing being imported after selecting cancel during the import process.

  • Rename will now work on multiple workpapers within the Working Paper Index

  • Fixed an issue with the workpaper references being used in the Review Points section being incorrect when the workpaper index is changed.

  • [AU]: Fixed the issue with incorrect messages relating to the customiser being displayed in Trust Account templates.

  • [AU]: Users can now create Administrator queries without needing to complete the Workpaper reference field.

  • [UK]: Resolved an issue on the Materiality workpaper with the Basis for Determining Materiality not always using the correct benchmark

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