05/2020 - UK - Excel Disclosure checklists, Limited Liability Partnerships 14.1

Disclosure Checklists (Excel)

In addition to the word version of the Mercia disclosure checklists already available within your templates, there is now an excel version. The Excel version will make it easier to complete the checklist in an electronic format using Office Online.

It will also give you a better visual indicator as to the progress of the completion status and the ability to expand and collapse sections to quickly navigate to the desired section


The Excel checklists are available for the following templates:

  • Audit Limited Companies 15.0
  • Academies 10.0
  • Charities 16.0
  • Pensions 11.0
  • Exempt Limited Companies 16.0

Mercia Limited Liability Partnerships 14.1

We are pleased to issue update 14.1 to your Limited Liability Partnerships Manual (SAM).

This minor update reflects the requirement for the Energy and Carbon Report for periods commencing on or after 1 April 2019. This is applicable for large LLPs with detailed disclosure requirements for those LLPs which consume in excess of 40,000 KWh of energy in the United Kingdom during the period.  For those LLPs which consume 40,000 KWh or less the report does not have to provide detailed disclosures but must state that the information has not been provided for that reason.

Changes have been made to the:

  • guidance notes,
  • proforma accounts,
  • disclosure checklists, and
  • the completion documents.  
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