06/2020 - v2.25 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce that new features and updates are available on our platform.


  • Periodic (Monthly and Quarterly) files: A “Quick Filter” has been added to the Lead Schedule and Lead Schedule summary workpapers. This will enable users to show either the “Current and Prior” or “Year to date progress” values.

  • Tickmarks and References can now be added to Lead Schedules' Total balances.

  • Drag & drop on Trial Balance: When uploading a supporting document, a Folder will be automatically selected according to the Lead Schedule mapped to the account. The workpaper reference will be set according to the folder structure (existing behaviour). If an account has not been mapped, the "A" default folder will be applied. 

  • PDF improvements: Changes made to the PDF annotations will now be recorded under "Workpaper History" within the PDF preview. This will display the editor's name and the date the changes were made. 

  • Livedocs: An option has been added (“Show Header Details”) to give users greater control as to whether the header is visible when printing documents.
  • [AU]: Security - Two Factor Authentication (2FA): Users with the "Firm Administrator" roles will be able to update the 2FA authorisation requirements through the Firm settings page.

  • [AU]: SMSF Clients - users can now set the type or trustee as either an Individual or Corporate in the Clients page.

  • [AU]: API Improvements

    • BGL - Client full import/re-import from BGL will now include the following:

      • Fund code

      • Trustee Structure

      • Street Address

      • Trust Deed Date

      • Fund Join Date

    • Supermate - Corporate trustee type and details will now be imported.

  • [AU]: New Permissions - The security on SMSF Auditors page has been updated and linked to new permissions under the “SMSF Auditors” section. These new rules are accessible within “Roles and Permissions” and are as follows:

    • View SMSF Administrators,

    • Create, Edit or Remove SMSF Administrators

Issues resolved

  • Custom Lead Schedule Summary workpapers will now be copied during the roll forward.

  • Users will now be able to upload documents to multiple client queries without having to reload the page each time.

  • Balance Sheet on Quarterly files will now display the correct column heading for prior quarters.

  • Fixed issue with filters in the Review Points page (from Dashboard). Users will now be able to navigate between pages without problems.

  • The workpaper reference field has been increased in the Trial Balance and Lead Schedules to allow for a greater number of references to be inserted.

  • Read Only users can now see documents under the Supporting documents tab in the Working Paper Index.



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