08/2020 - v2.26 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform in Version 2.26.


  • Supporting documents added using “Add New Workpaper” will now include the User’s name and uploaded date in the Workpaper history Section.

  • [AU]: Lead Schedules/Summaries - If the Market Price and Quantity columns are empty, these columns are now excluded from the Print view/PDF downloads.

  • [AU]: When re-importing data from Class Super, a message will now display if the user is not authorised to import data for the fund.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where Client users were unable to upload supporting documents in the Client Portal.

  • Resolved the issue of edits to existing PDF annotations not saving.

  • Roles and Permissions:

    • Users with permission to View/Edit clients will not require a “View all files” permission in order to create new files from the Clients page.

    • User without permission to “Customise” WPI - adding a document to a file will no longer display a cog icon to edit the workpaper.

    • Regardless of the permissions applied in the General Roles & Permissions page, if user has permission to edit a workpaper in the File’s engagement team permissions page, they will not have any issues editing/removing information through Edit mode on a workpaper.

  • Periodic files

    • “YTD Initial” and “YTD Final” column headings now display the dates correctly in the Lead Schedule/Summary workpapers.

    • Users will now be able to use the “Year to date progress” filter on Completed Lead Schedule/Summary workpapers.

  • Users will now be able to edit all benchmark figures in the Materiality page.

  • Replacing a supporting document will no longer add underscores on file names with spaces.

  • [AU]: Resolved the issue with blank Lead Schedules being added to folders when some Accounting Structures were applied.

  • [AU]: Materiality - Users will be able to override Benchmark figures without automatically updating the Overall/Performance Materiality figures. A Yellow highlight will indicate that there is a difference between the Benchmark and Materiality figures. If required, users will then be able to pull in updated benchmark figures into Materiality section by using the “Refresh” icon.

  • [AU]: When importing a trial balance on a rolled forward file (using SMSF API integrations) the fund details will be retained with the connection information from the original file.

  • [AU]: “Tax File Number” label has been restored in the Clients > Business page.

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