08/2020 - AU - YearEnd 1.3, Audit International 2.2, SMSF Audit 5.3, SMSF YearEnd 1.3, Periodic (Monthly/Quarterly)

We are pleased to announce the following updates to our Workpaper templates:

Year End 1.3

  • New Inter Entity Loan Reconciliation (G6)

  • Updates to Provision for Income Tax Worksheet (G7)

  • Updates to Wages reconciliation (D3) for STP and Payroll tax rates

Audit (International) 2.2

  • Updates have been made to the existing workpaper programs as a result of:

  • The workpapers impacted by the changes include:

    • Completion programmes: A1.8, A1.9, A1.10, A2.4, A2.6, ISA Compliance.

    • Planning programmes: B1.3, B1.4, B1.6.

    • General procedures: D1, F1, J1, Q4, R1, S1.

SMSF Audit 5.3

  • Updates made to reflect COVID-19 relief and compliance issues:

    • Early access to super

    • LRBA relief

    • Temporarily reducing superannuation minimum payment amounts

    • Providing rent relief

    • In-House asset restrictions

    • Investment strategies

SMSF Year End 1.3

  • Updates made to reflect COVID-19 relief

Periodic Files (Monthly/ Quarterly):

  • Updates made to the Boosting Cashflow for Employers calculator

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