09/2020 - UK - Mercia Template updates (including COVID-19)


We are pleased to issue the following updates to Mercia’s templates.

  • COVID-19 Assessing the impact and audit implications: Auditors need to assess the impact of COVID-19 for their audit clients. Below are some of the areas where auditors should evidence consideration of the potential implications and areas where the issues raised by the pandemic will impact on the audit approach. A separate checklist which could be used as a supplement to your Mercia audit methodology has also been included. This should be filed at B32-COVID risk assessment and is available in the following templates (please note this is hidden behind a newly included customiser question):

    • Academies 11.0

    • Clubs 13.0

    • Charities 16.1

    • International 1.1

    • Limited Companies 15.0

    • Limited Liability Partnerships 14.1

    • Pensions 11.0

  • Academies ESFA Accounts Direction Supplementary Bulletin: The ESFA has issued a Supplementary Bulletin, to be read in conjunction with its Accounts Direction 2019-2020.  The Bulletin provides additional guidance and requirements relating to academy reporting and audit in connection with COVID-19.  

    In response to this, we have issued the following documents that reflect requirements of the Bulletin: 

    • Academies SAM application guidance that should be used alongside your risk assessment to ensure relevant matters are addressed as part of the audit and regularity approach. 

    Users of the SAM may also find of interest the most recent ‘Dear Accounting Officer’ letter issued by ESFA, which includes reference to the reporting timetable for 2020 to 2021.  Also, a recording of Mercia Academies: Audit & Accounts Update is now available online.

  • Customiser updates - The following templates have had customiser questions added for greater tailoring of the programs and workpapers:

    • Academies 11.0

    • Limited Liability Partnerships 14.1

    • Pensions 11.0

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