10/2020 - v2.28 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Supporting documents - all supporting documents (whether part of the Industry/Firm templates or documents added into a file) will now have a History section which will display the time and date of when the document was added.

  • Accounting Structures - We have cleaned up the Trial balance > Tools section. Only the accounting structures relevant to the file types will now be displayed. Users will still be able to save accounting structures as custom and use those accounting structures on any file types as appropriate.

  • Journal Entries export feature will now be disabled on all archived files.

  • Removed the ability to delete supporting documents from “My Files” page. This will ensure that users without permission to engagement files are not be able to delete supporting documents. Users with permission to files will still be able to delete documents from the files itself.

  • [AU] - Due to some changes made to Two-Factor Authentication, some users may need to reauthenticate their accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Audit Plan/Completion report - users will now be able to add notes/comments while on small screen mode.

  • Supporting document files uploaded with names in capital letters will will no longer change the titles to small letters.

  • Client queries - print/download will now display all information as expected.

  • QBO - re-importing a trial balance will not reset accounting structures (unless reset checkbox ticked) on re-import window.

  • Trust accounts [AU] - All checklists marked as 'No' on the Assessment of compliance workpaper will now display in the Summary of breaches workpaper

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