10/2020 - UK - HAT Non-Audit, Republic Of Ireland Exempt - Limited Companies 8.0/Unincorporated Businesses 8.0

New Templates - Mercia

We are excited to announce the release of new Mercia templates: Republic of Ireland Exempt - Limited Companies 8.0 and Republic of Ireland Exempt - Unincorporated Businesses 8.0

Our Audit Exemption Manual for Republic of Ireland provides you with all the current and permanent file programmes needed to undertake non-audit assignments. These templates contains guidance notes, disclosure checklists and work programmes for non-audit assignments. Both limited company and unincorporated assignments are covered.

New Template - HAT

We are excited to announce the release of a new HAT template: HAT Non-Audit

Our Non-Audit manual is designed to apply to all non-audit assignments, including Accountant’s and Assurance Reports. The manual provides guidance and documentation for performing an assignment for an entity which does not require an audit.  This includes companies, limited liability partnerships and unincorporated entities, which adopt either the small company or micro-entity financial reporting framework. 

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