MyWorkpapers Data fields

You can now use MyWorkpapers data fields in your word documents through Office Online. 

Please download our example document (see attached document at the end of this article) which includes the XML mappings containing MyWorkpapers’ data fields. Using this document in the MWP application will auto populate the document workpaper in your file where the data fields have been added (i.e., your firm, client and/or file information).

For example, you can create an Audit Representation Letter that provides information of your {{client_name}}, reporting information for the year ended {{audit_period_date}}.

To create your own letter templates with MyWorkpapers data fields, please follow the steps below:

  1. Save this document to a secure folder

  2. Go to “File” tab, select “Options” then click on the “Customize Ribbon” tab

  3. Make sure that the “Developer” checkbox has been ticked

  4. Once the Developer tab is added to the banner, select the “XML Mapping Pane”
  1. Select MyWorkpapers Custom XML part from the dropdown

  2. You will now be able to add the available data fields for MyWorkpapers application.

  3. To insert the data fields into your template, right click on the desired data field and select “Rich Text”

  4. Once you have completed your template, save your document.
    The word document must be saved as a DOCX format

You can now use this document as part of your Firm Template or you can add the document directly into your file.

Downloadable XML injected document:

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