12/2020 - v2.30 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Data fields on word documents - MyWorkpapers data fields are now available for use in word documents! You will now be able to pull in your firm, client or file information into your word template with a simple button. Check out our help centre article on how to create documents for your own files and/or firm templates.

  • Workpapers marked as "Completed" will no longer hide procedures displayed under the "Question - checklist" sections.

Bug Fixes

  • Status Email notifications - file link in the email has been corrected. The link will no longer display errors in the clients' file stats and status displays.

  • Class and BGL [AU] - re-importing trial balance will no longer reset lead schedule mappings (unless user overrides accounting structure on re-import window).

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