Rolling Forward (Mercia Changes Dec 2020)

Rolling Forward an Audit File (Mercia)

The MyWorkpapers Mercia Audit packs will be seeing major changes going into 2021. This means when rolling forward your prior year files, you will be seeing new layouts to the Working Paper Index with some additional folders, alongside changes to some of the procedures found within the workpapers.

We want to ensure this is a smooth transition for all users of MyWorkpapers, so below, we have outlined a brief guide to ensure you successfully roll-forward files.

The steps below displays an example of rolling forward a file created using the Limited Companies 15.0 template to a new file on Limited Companies 2020.11 template or later.

Step 1

Select Roll-forward file from the home dashboard;


Step 2

Search for the client you wish to roll-forward. Prior period, File Period and File Period Start date will all auto populate. You will now see that you have automatically been moved onto the most recent Limited Companies template.

Press Next to continue.


Step 3

In the next stage, 2. Roll-forward workpapers, you will be selecting any workpapers that you wish to roll-forward to the following years files. We strongly advise that you only select any supporting documents or review points you wish to bring forward. Financial information will automatically roll-forward during the completion of rolling forward. All mandatory workpapers will automatically be added in the next stage with the most recent versions.

If you select “Roll Forward customiser” from this stage, you will be rolling forward the previous versions “Limited companies 15.0” information and none of the latest content will be added initially.

When you have selected the information you do want, please select Next.


Step 4

In the 3rd and final stage, you will be pre-populating the file with the remaining folders and workpapers missing to complete the file. As seen below, you will now be seeing the new folder associated with Limited Companies 16.0. These include ;

QAE – Account Estimates

R – Going Concern

S- Subsequent Events

As well as the addition of new folder, you will now see a few changes to procedures within certain programmes. You will also want to bring in the customiser in step 3.

Once you are ready, please click Import Workpapers to complete the roll forward;


Step 5

You have now successfully created your new rolled forward file.





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