Bringing the latest content into an existing file

The recent Mercia update has made a number of changes to the Working Paper Index and the procedures including the workpapers.  

If you have already started a file with the old template, there are a few things you can do to get your file up to speed with the new Mercia Audit pack.


Option 1 – reset form 

To see which workpapers have been updated, untick the ‘Ignore content updates’ checkbox. The red exclamation icons indicate that there are new updates available for the workpapers


To bring the most recent version of these workpapers into the file, you can reset the form by going into the workpaper and clicking on File > Reset form. However, please be aware that this will wipe out any works already done – including any comments and/or sign offs and will then generate the workpaper from the current template.  

TipIf you would like to reset your workpaper to the latest template but want to keep your comments, open the same workpaper in 2 windows, reset the form on one of them, and then use the other to copy and paste any comments across. 



Option 2 – Copy in workpapers 

For any workpapers that are new, you will need to copy these into your file. You can do this using the Copy Workpapers functionality. You can also copy in current workpapers and by selecting to Override Existing Workpapers you will bring in a fresh copy of the workpaper as well as retain the existing version and any entered data in a newly created backup folder. 



Option 3 – Edit mode for procedures 

If you have done a lot of work on a workpaper and don’t want to lose that data. Then you can load another copy of the workpaper in another tab and compare the procedures, then add them manually using the Edit mode. This may not be an ideal solution but it will allow you to retain the current information (such as the sign-off stamps) 





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