02/2021 - AU - Audit 2.3 (Aus & Int), YearEnd 1.3 Updates

We are pleased to announce the following updates:

Audit (Aus) 2.3 and Audit (Int) 2.3

Significant updates have been made to the Australian and International Audit 2.3 title as a result of the application of ASA/ISA 540 Accounting Estimates. The following has been impacted by this update:

  • Audit Programs:

    • B9 Renamed to Understanding the Entity - Accounting Estimates

    • B9A New program to document the specifics of the Accounting Estimates
    • AA ASA Compliance

For details of the changes relating to Accounting Estimates please see the following article

These updates will be available for new files (Audit 2.3) or there is also the ability to "Reset Form" to get the latest content updates - Please be aware that the reset form functionality which will remove any data entered into the existing form.

YearEnd 1.3

  • Resolved an issue with the incorrect supporting document being attached to E7 - Capital Gains/Losses worksheet
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